March 5, 2012

Here’s some behind the scenes action from the filming of “Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman” which I have been anticipating to film for a month or so now.

The basic premise is it’s about a group of jaded strippers at a seedy dive strip club when some dramatic action happens and a series of events causes me Jaded Stripper #1 (the “prized dancer”) to transform into a snake God-like woman with snake stripper minions.

I also handled a live snake and danced with it on several times- in fact it crawled on my face as i laid down on the floor. I faced a major fear handling that snake but after i got used to it, everything was good between the snake and I. The snake wrapped snugly around my neck and the snake’s owner said “that is a sign of affection meaning she’s comfortable”. She semt comfortable just staying still almost like a necklace on me as I walked around doing my scene. Snakey did however almost dance with me when I danced; she literally slid between my boobs and brought her head out rhythmically between my boobs while I danced in my gold bikini. It was pretty awesome looking. The snake handler told me snakes are sensitive to energy so I used that to channel calm energy and I believe It worked. won’t give it all away but I slowly transform into a snake monster type character to live out the will of who my soul has been posessed by. My favorite parts were chasing people in my full monster makeup— I think it caused what some call “fear boner”… Gold bikini and melting scary face. Great fun to make it with fun people with great senses of humor… I won’t miss the early morning long drives to get there and looooong days but I will miss the fun times. It’s like school is over and I miss all my class mates!

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