May 19, 2012
My new spanking site has launched!

After planning for this site for a little over a year and a half now, here it is up and ready. So far there are 5 episodes (3 with me in them) out and there will be many MANY more on there way to be delivered.

Some of the first scenes out now set the whole scene of how I needed some discipline and my mother (who had a crazy past herself) decided it was time I got some good ol’ fashioned ass whooping so I didn’t end up like her. First my mom starts by giving me disciple herself before moving on to more drastic measures. My mom sent me off to an all girl’s private school for wayward girls. I have to live in this sorority house with nuns and other girls and I am constantly getting into trouble and facing the consequences for my disrespect, blatant lesbianism and drinking/lewd behavior. Each episode will be an adventure of how I fuck up this time and piss off the nuns/my other house and schoolmates/teachers/ my mom and so on. I just LOVE to come on to the other girls, regardless if they are into women and sometimes my secret shot of liquid courage helps me not care at all until that paddle comes swinging on my bare ass.

One episode that is uploaded is my friend Roxy Jezel (whom is a professional dominatrix in real life and a former Club Jenna/Vivid porn star with a sexy British accent you will love!). Roxy is a senior student at the sorority and is in charge of the pledges. Roxy is a little sadistic and let me have it nice and hard to let me know she doesn’t fuck around with silly, wild lesbians like myself. Roxy and I did mess around a little bit, I was turned on the minute I saw her with her sexy dominant look and her quirky British expressions. Roxy beat me with the heavy wooden sorority paddle so hard that I literally shed a few tears and I jumped in pain. It was hard to sit for weeks after that. She had a surprisingly VERY heavy hand but I suppose I should have expected with her dominatrix experience that she has some bite to her. For those of you who love speckling/heavy bruising and genuine pain from heavy spankings with solid implements, you WILL be impressed. Roxy makes an excellent domme and is quite strong. Her improv is CLASSIC too and if I weren’t in such pain, I may have laughed at her silly sayings.


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