October 26, 2011
While I’m on the subject…

of being a crazy dog lady… Here’s an adorable video of a super intelligent amazing dog trained to do insanely cool tricks while being cute:

Anyway. Yea, that’s what I do when I’m bored… watch cute animal videos with my dog on my lap. It’s the best when my dog gets excited about the dog on the screen… Today I got her a Simpsonseque donut dog bed and a treat puzzle for dogs. I have found I love hoarding random dog treats and toys for any encounter with a furry elf. I have been scoping out this cute “sockmonkey” dog bed I came across a few months ago too and think I may be forced to hoard that as well for her secondary dog bed.

… If I haven’t completely bored you of my dog talk yet then here is another video that some LA locals might recognize (Austin the “flyin lion” regulars at Venice Beach):

I have personally seen this dog and his owner several times and took a pic one time with the long-time best friend Emily Parker (Twitter.com/EmilyParkerXXX) and our crew in bikinis with ze little lion doggeh. Anywho, I really hope that guy Jonny (Austin The Flyin Lion’s human owner) found his dog— he was dog napped awhile back and I REALLY hope he found that doggy. Here’s when we met em at the beach:

Ok, I will shut up about dogs now. I should probably make a seperate dog blog especially since that rhymes but I dun wanna. Anywho, today I painted this desk I am refurbishing again (finally!) a “nickel” tone which is sort of a metallic gray foggy silver with yellow drawers. Then I did laundry and took my dog out. Made din for my bro and I who recently moved in so he can find work out here and get a change of scenery and we helped look around for jobs for the guy. Not a super eventful day….. Sometimes I just like to have those nothing days though before I get back on a roll… the days where I almost feel at fault for not facing traffic at any point and only leaving when absolutely necessary. I think I may be an “introvert” who occasionally digs going on and being around other humans when my “social bar” is low (if you have ever played “The Sims” game you may know what I’m referring to here :). Maybe some of that is living in LA as that seems to be something I hear that many people are disconnected outside of their job, etc. here.

I was interviewed by NPR randomly while taking a stroll down the Venice Beach boardwalk for some LA promotion they were doing and they were doing short vignettes with people saying their “favorite things about LA”. Well, my friend who was with me(an East Coaster) chimed in and said “well, don’t use me because I have nothing good to say about LA” after the reporter girl said she had just moved here from NYC herself and rather liked it to which he replied to her “well, don’t pull back the iron curtain or you’ll get a rude awakening” or something to that extent. Anyhow, when prompted on camera to say what I like of LA, of course I mentioned Venice Beach because I do love it (it’s not for everyone but I love weirdos personally) and of course the many places to go to such as Griffith observatory then they asked “do you love LA people? do you know many people?” to which I replied “ummmm….I guess not. I don’t mind LA people but I can’t say I am close with or know many well”. They responded by cutting the tape and saying “yea, well that is not something positive about LA so we cannot use that for this feature. I said OOPS! Hey, they asked… Anywho, the mythical traffic of LA that everyone complains about isn’t ALWAYS bad but it certainly exists and I think the sheer decentralization of everything here (there is no real “heart” of LA) makes it hard to meet people outside of your direct area. There is big business and things to do all over LA from one end to the next in varying degrees of insane crowdedness just means it is treacherous and frusturating to deal with it sometimes but ultimately, it beats a lot of places. Although I can see myself moving out one day….I have romantic notions of having a pad in San Francisco aswell as a pad in the South… maybe Georgia or South Carolina… Maybe it’s from that one time I sat through all 5-6 hours of Gone With The Wind on netflix night til 6am and was enchanted by the Studio City backlot Georgia plantation scenes (although some exterior shots were actually in the south…) that and having southern influences in my life. Anyhow… I am rambling…This whole blog thing is… neat? I found some old embarrassing diary of mine from when I was 11 the other day and thought to myself “damn. diaries. I don’t have time or patience for THAT anymore”. Well, here I am. Contradictions are my forte.

Oh, AND I found one interesting little quotey bit I wrote on the flap of a book a year ago. Here is this little piece of gold: “each orgasm is like a different song on the same awesome playlist. maybe thats why it doesnt get old”…ha. I don’t know why but I’m slightly embarrassed about that but thought I would share it anyhow. Of *course* it was written inside of a Twilight book. JUST KIDDING! It should have been on maybe Lolita or something but it was on A Catcher in The Rye school paperback instead which is somehow kind of fitting. :P ;)

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