March 3, 2013
Aw on We Heart It.

Aw on We Heart It.

November 19, 2011

I’ve been on nonstop mode to stack work as much as I could before my sis’s flight was scheduled to land for her visit to the LA. Here’s a recent pic from a music video I did for a friend’s band(directed by Andrew Bennett who directed Deftones and Nickelback videos so it may go somewhere) - I played a domme in a scene with a gay priest

Soooo I drove straight from work to get her. What I love about her is she is not a sit around and do the same things kind of person, she wants to get out and go explore random places everywhere and have adventures. We got tons of input. I was playing tour guide showing her my favorite LA spots that she has never seen. So we: Went to yoga…bleh was ok. Then went to the animal shelter to pet kitties and doggies.

Then we went to a Buddhist temple to wander around and it was instantly peaceful. Then we went to Griffith Observatory which has the most amazing views of the city and I would love to live there. Afterward we went to a Korean spa and I got my skin scrubbed off by an aggressive Korean woman in a black underwear uniform outfit. My skin felt like a cloud afterward and I hadn’t had any action so I made myself cum to sleep. Sleepy masturbation is amazing! speaking of which…I am in the mood for that noooowww…… Been feeling like I’m starting to lose myself in the process of just trying to stay on top of daily activities and planning what I have to do the next day so I gotta cut that down and have more fun…and everyone should orgasm more!

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